Telecommunications and Custom Applications in Sacramento Area
Telecommunications and Custom Applications in Sacramento Area

Additional Business Services

Data Backup Solutions

Data Backup SolutionsIn today's business world data is everything. Data can be in the form of invoices, a database or just a number of important documents. Keeping your data safe and secure means that tomorrow you won't be scratching your head trying to figure out how to resurrect a failed hard drive of yours.

iSave Telecom provides all means to keep your data current and safe from computer hardware failures. Moreover, you can access your data from anywhere using a secure encrypted connection so that nobody can intercept files you are accessing. Our specialists will advise on the best practices on how to implement our SecVault technology at your premises and will install all required software to run scheduled backups.

Server Collocation

Server Collocation ServicesSince we converted our servers to a compact 1U form factor, we ended up with a lot of free space on our racks. Now we are offering that space to our customers for a very competitive price. Bring your backup servers, databases or multimedia stream servers to us. We have the lowest per Mbit pricing in the region. The facility we are collocated in includes carrier class reliability and security, 24/7 monitored Network Operations Center, uninterruptible AC and DC power with backup power sources.

Conference Bridges

Telephone Conference Bridge ServicesThis option allows you to host telephone conference meeting with your employees or clients. Our conference bridges allow up to 10 simultaneous participants. You won't have to share a telephone number with other companies or type in long PIN codes to get to your conference, your company will have its own dedicated phone number for holding conferences. As a host, you will have the ability to make outgoing calls right from your conference in order to invite people in. Your telephone number is available 24/7 so that you can hold a meeting with partners located overseas from the comfort of your home.

Custom Applications

Custom Applications TelecommunicationsSave money by eliminating unneeded labor and time consuming routines and impress your clients with the ease of use and convenience on how information is delivered to them. We will create an exclusive application connected to your database so that a client can receive a wide range of data over the phone. Options include area code based advertisement, order status, or even a phone based payment gateway.

Applications we have already built for our clients include:

  • Telephone surveys
  • Presentations via phone
  • Interactive voting system for radio stations
  • Automated reminders
  • Payment application (accepting payments over the phone using an automated system connected to a payment processing gateway of your choice )

Advertising & Promotional Support

Do you ever need to call a group of customers to deliver a message? Now you can easily do this with our telemarketing service. Manage your customers, schedule calls and create distribution lists.

Our Telemarketing Services Include:

  • Delivering voice messages to businesses and consumers using your database
  • Filtering any database (taking into consideration the Do Not Call list)
  • Follow-up with your clients
  • Additional Phone numbers to track your ads